1. Oh shit I am on vacation have an unfinished Aradia.

  2. Alright, more weird mermaids!

  3. androdjinni:


    Have a Sollux. Honestly, the song Ruins with Strings always makes me think of him traveling to Aradia`s house to kill her.

    I should probably reblog this during the day? Yeah.

    Art blog Reblog!

  4. androdjinni:

    Still working on this shading thing…

  5. androdjinni:

    These are pretty relaxing, actually.

  6. androdjinni:

    So I am just going to keep doing this because my color theory is uhhhh not so good. 

  7. androdjinni:

    Some sort of devily sketch thing. I don’t know. 

    Palette meme gotten from here

  8. I have, in fact, been working on art. At the moment I am trying to teach myself how to paint since the lack of that skill had created an artistic choke point with some ongoing series (like the denizens).

  9. androdjinni:

    Have a pre-scratch Tavros. This dude isn’t gonna make it, not in any universe.

    Reblog of new tablet art!

    When you are put into a story, try not to be the, uh, sacrificial cow…

  10. androdjinni:


    My submission for the Alt-Comix Comic Challenge. 

    “It is nighttime. There are trees.
    Trees filled with eyes, and dying men.
    A kind of bird, hiding its face behind white gloves.
    Something falls from a great height.
    And puts a smile on the moon.”

    -Bob Schofield

    Wow do my hands hurt, but it was worth it!

    Hey, I should probably reblog this at a time that isn’t ohgoditslate o’clock. My hand, in fact, still hurts.

    Art blargh.

  11. So there is this comic page that I am working on that is due in 2 days… I naturally started it an hour ago, in the tradition of amateur (and professional!) artists everywhere.

    But that tree is pretty sweet and no, I will not be taxing myself with asymmetrical composition. Because I am a coward ohohohohoho

  12. If you look closely you can see where I made her mouth giant. Still like this though. Every once in a while I will work on something and hit a wall and have to leave it for a while. I end up doing little practice things to get up to speed, which is why I will start a piece in a series and have to drop it for a bit. Luckily, I am not under a really dire time limit so I can do that.

  13. Hey, have my trashy little speedpaint. I timed it at about 18 minutes and ogled a reference for a wave. 

  14. So here is part 2 of the mind flaydies, which actually started out weird mermaids. I am hoping to paint this eventually with minimal filters. One of the panelists I saw at the Phoenix Comicon demonstrated and it doesn’t seem too bad.

  15. It has been a while (weird health things, sry) since my last post, but here are some gestures and one protest against big triangle shaped things as well as process for the next weird mermaid person I am working on. I am writing a comic script for a friend, which might show up here later. 

    edit: Should probably add the jellyfish mermaid yeah?